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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another 20 Pounds Of Kelp Out The Door!

Hello Bloggers!

Well we are excited that even with this recession and deeply depressed economy with a 7% national unemployment rate we were able to sell 20 pounds of our kelp powder this week. We had our best week with seaweed sales yet with the sale of 3 pounds nori flakes, 4 pounds of bladderwrack seaweed, and 20 (19 to be exact) pounds of kelp.

I think people in the world are finally beginning to remove the price tag from their health desires. Think about it, it makes sense that with all the garbage being put into the air and also in our processed foods that one can only rebut this with a more natural diet which includes organic foods and products. Awareness of seaweed’s health benefits is starting really show with our growing sales. The Japanese have always been aware of its health giving properties and sea vegetables are used widely in food and as medicine in Asia. Our bladderwrack, which grows along the coasts of Northern Europe, is considered to be even richer in nutrients and minerals than it’s Asian counterparts. So much so that this sea vegetable is considered the most well balanced food for our bodies. Try a little "Sweed" in your next meal!


Stephen C. Sharp

We want to take this moment to thank all our customers out there who support our online and retail store! Without you we would be CLOSED and closed for good. This has been the hardest time ever for our little herb and nutrition corporation but we have a great will to succeed through this recession and are looking for a great year in sales! Now anyone who is actually reading this blog and decides to shop our store please send us an email saying you read our blog and will throw in one of our hand poured DELIGHTFUL beeswax lip balms! These are selling very well also across the Internet and have about a $3 retail value. We use our very own pure lemongrass and rosemary essential oils for scent and pure beeswax with coconut oil. Please visit us anytime at www.FloridaHerbHouse.com or www.SharpWebLabs.com!